Good and direct bike paths save time

The active travel infrastructure (facilities) are lagging in Coombs. Despite the Concept Plan being finalised in 2012 and the suburb established for several years, the active travel infrastructure is still not complete or sufficient.

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Three bike maps of the Arboretum

There are many paths missing on the Active Travel Infrastructure Practitioner Tool. Particularly the unpaved paths are very poorly represented, but they are not unimportant for many cyclists in Canberra.

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Cycle infrastructure in Wright and Coombs

The suburbs of Wright and Coombs are new suburbs finished since 2015 and as such showcase the design principles for suburb development. For new suburbs, good bike infrastructure begins and ends on the designer’s drawing board.

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Belconnen to Coombs via Butters Bridge

Good bike routes are direct and riding to Coombs from Belconnen is anything but direct. This article shows one way such a path could be built via Butters Bridge. The current approach is to sit it out until John Gorton Drive Bridge is completed.

The most recent update on the John Gorton Drive Bridge is found here from 12 February 2021.

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Dickson to Gungahlin via Old Well Station Road

An alternate route to Gungahlin, away from the cars. This would be the safe and better approach. Here is one possible route that follows the Federal Highway, EPIC and Well Station Track to reach Gungahlin.

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Majura Pines to Kowen Forest

There is a long list of missing links: route and tracks that could be opened for recreational biking. We can thank the Canberra Centennial Trial for opening a lot of the ACT commonwealth land for recreational use. Majura Pines to Kowen Forest is not far as the crow flies but the Majura Military Training Area blocks the way.

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