Section 5.1 The reason why we need active travel

Clear words for clear goals: making Active Travel meaningful. A post inspired by an email we sent to Shane Rattenbury on 24 February 2020 relating to the ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-25.

Active travel and the 2012 Parliamentary Agreement

Molonglo Cycle Highway is a new cycle highway is one of the earlier commitments to active travel and found in the Parliamentary Agreement for the 8th Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory between the ACT Labor Party and ACT Greens.

Case study: the problems of Coppins Crossing

Active travellers are hit the hardest when direct routes are lacking. Road design has evolved to put great emphasis on road safety. Many of the road safety terms are for design features and considerations that impact on road safety, particularly vulnerable road users.

Section 5.5 The Active Infrastructure Practitioner is dated

“It is not intended to represent the facilities that currently exist on the routes, rather it shows the best alignments for human powered transport and recreation. …”

What is wrong with Molonglo 3 East

A case study for Molonglo 3 East Planning and Infrastructure Study Project Brief and urban planning of new estates in the ACT. The failure to systematically integrate active travel principles in the planning process will most likely result in the missed potential to develop active travel facilities in the Whitlam and other new estate developments in Canberra.

Cycling between Whitlam and south Belconnen

Children would be better off riding to school rather than be driven. A case study demonstrating the feasibility of riding to schools and shops in Belconnen from Whitlam. Consideration of a new route with a low gradient, as required by Austroads design standards.

Whitlam: Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?

How far can you ride from Whitlam from the time of the first land release in March 2020? Belconnen is a 20-minute ride. The city is about 30 minutes away, but Coombs is also 30 minutes. It is a hard place to get out of, with no off-road bike paths beyond the first 1 km. Looking at map 1, it is clear that for active travel Whitlam is part of the Belconnen community.