Cycle highways for commuting

Open letter to Chief Minister Andrew Barr on strategic investment in active travel infrastructure to encourage cycling commuting in the times of the coronavirus stimulus measures.

Letter to Yvette Berry on active travel

Letter to Yvette Berry, Minister for Housing and Suburban Development: the new Whitlam estate development falls short on active travel.

When strategies collide: climate change, active travel and environment

Urban planning is failing us in the Molonglo Valley. Without coordination between the arms of government to set consistent priorities, active travel will not succeed.

Clear words for clear goals

Cycle highways are a sticking point. The routes and paths must be designed correctly. The commuter rides quickly and will only stop when they must. The commuter requires good quality, smooth, safe and well-maintained paths, that provide direct, low gradient routes, and can be used in all weather (even after heavy rains) and times of day (safe at night). “Cycle highways“ are swept and cleared of debris. For construction sites, a safe and easy temporary path is provided to get around it. We cannot expect people otherwise to leave their car at home.

What is wrong with Molonglo 3 East

A case study for Molonglo 3 East Planning and Infrastructure Study Project Brief and urban planning of new estates in the ACT. The ACT Government announced in the 2012 ACT Planning Strategy that it “sought to create a more compact, efficient and inclusive city” The proximity between new suburbs in Molonglo Valley and the cityContinue reading “What is wrong with Molonglo 3 East”