The next Molonglo River crossing disappears

The Molonglo Valley floods regularly and one of the river level crossings has been washed away – again. This leaves the Molonglo with one less rideable crossing and fully intact cycling path. This might be the first, but it is not likely the last.

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Namarag: before and after

Namarag Molonglo Special Purpose reserve open for consultation in 2019 and 14 people completed the survey. The plans were available to download at that time. Here is the vision of what it should become.

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Butters Bridge closure

Namarag Molonglo Special Purpose Reserve construction works have closed the Butters Bridge at its north end. Bridge access is possible from the south end (Denman Prospect) just for the view. (Stand 6 February 2021)

More about Namarag Molonglo Special Purpose Reserve found here and here.

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Mount Stromlo to the Murrumbidgee River

A rideable corridor to the Murrumbidgee River came up again with the release of “The best of Canberra mountain bike experience” report this week. Here is the proposed route. 

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Namadgi National Park: website update

The Namadgi National Park website of the ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, for short ACT Environment, has been updated. They have even provided a rather nice map and updated the walks page, too.

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Popular walking trails re-open in Namadgi – Canberra CityNews

Namadgi National Park has not been mentioned much yet on After the fires, it has remained closed. The northern and southern tips of the park are now opening again.

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The Spine, Isaacs Ridge

In 2015 a study was carried out for the ACT Government reviewing mountain biking in Long Gully Pine Plantation. The report is attached and holds many interesting details. The Spine has been mentioned previously as it is accessible to everybody. It is certainly worth a look. The route “Isaacs Ridge peak from Woden Bus Station” follows The Spin up the hill.

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Kama: bikes not wanted

“No bike” signs have been put up on the northern entrances to Kama. This surprised me. There is no mention of policy change on the ACT Environment website or in the Molonglo River Reserve Plan. No explanation apart from these small signs.

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