Federal Election in the air: $132.5 million for light rail

Light rail stage 2 has a secure future now that Federal Government funding is forthcoming. When the Federal Government starts promising money for infrastructure projects, you know that a Federal Election is around the corner.

Kuringa Drive and Owen Dixon Drive intersection: 2016-2021

The missing link between Kuringa Drive and Barton Highway has been discussed since at least 2016 and now tied with an intersection upgrade. Construction was not started until 2021. ACT Labor’s promises are worth little if nothing gets done over the parliamentary term.

Belconnen Bikeway during construction

The Belconnen Bikeway has come a long way but was not finished before the 2020 ACT Election, despite having been promised at the election four years before that. Your guide to cycling in Canberra TCCS map (January 2019) shows that the bikeway had been expected to be finished well before the election.

ACT Labor’s cycling policy: 2020 ACT Election

ACT Labor never took cycling seriously at the 2020 ACT Election. Parties prioritise what is important to them and ACT Labor did waste a breath on cycling. The ACT Labor Policy Position Statement was released early in the election and discussed here. Reading the cycling section creates a sense of déjà vu. It all seemed so familiar. Perhaps it is from the 2016 Election?