You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Molonglo Valley has only 5000 residents currently and the existing traffic chaos might lead the average Canberran to think it cannot get much worse. Molonglo is at the beginning of a rapid growth spurt, and in the next few years the growth of congestion will follow suit.

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Pedestrians: not even an afterthought

In a society that gives priority to keeping the traffic moving at speed (time is money), little consideration is often given to the vulnerability of pedestrians and cyclists. Road safety is still mostly about the safety of vehicle occupants. Yet it is the vulnerable road users – and not the vehicle occupants – that mostly get hurt in a collision.

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Public realm spaces and cycle corridors

Cycle corridors are reserved for future cycle highways. A cycle corridor is a type of public realm space, but what type? More about public realm spaces and where cycle highways fit.

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Transport Minister: an unreliable narrator

On the 32nd anniversary of the first day of sitting of the Legislative Assembly, active travel was discussed during question time. This time the topic was Gungahlin town centre. Read below about active travel in the hansard from 11 May 2021.

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Canberra, let’s welcome back the lily pond!

The 2019 Monet Impression Sunrise exhibition was one of NGA’s most successful exhibitions ever. As we stood there and admired the beautiful flowers and leaves, we were looking at what Edgar Schein calls the ‘surface level of an organisational culture’. Like Monet, most people concentrate on the surface level of culture, because it’s easy, because we can see it. For example, we naïvely think we can change our car culture by putting paint on the road! Let us explore the concept of culture change a bit more, and link it to active travel and cycling infrastructure examples.

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ACT 2020-21 estimates on active travel

The ACT Legislative Assembly has a number of standing committees. One of those is for transport and discussed active travel at the last Estimates 2020-21.

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CBR Cycle Routes in Canberra

Riding through Canberra we find the wayfinding signage for CBR Cycle Routes. Here is the past, present and future of CBR Cycle Routes.

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New High School: traffic estimates

The new school planned for Kenny is currently known as the East Gungahlin High School Kenny (EGHS). It will open in 2023. The Transport Impact Assessment Report for East Gungahlin High School, Kenny (November 2020) shows how the active travel guidelines are applied to a school.

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Ring fencing Molonglo 3

Molonglo 3 East is in an early stage of planning and the significance easily missed driving by. In the Planning Design Framework the ACT Government outlines what it does and does not want, however, the intention is to leave plenty of space for good urban planning. 

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