Komoot and navigation around Canberra

I am not going to do product reviews on unless it is a problem specific to Canberra. At this stage, I cannot imagine that that will happen often. is all about getting around Canberra with a bike, and sometimes we need to be quite determined to make it work. The missing links and patchy network do not make it easier. This is nothing new, and that the ACT Government is slow to fix the problem is also nothing new.

Without good directional signage, getting around Canberra requires you to take a map. The best map for the ACT is OpenStreetMap. You will need to take this map with you on your ride, and the easiest way to do this is to use a smartphone. Komoot is the best app for cycling with OpenStreetMap and also provides turn by turn navigation. You can plan your trip on the move with nothing but your smartphone. Komoot and OpenStreetMap are free.

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OpenStreetMap is the best map for the Canberra cyclist

“I recently moved to the northside and I don’t know the area”. We want to start riding but it is hard to know where to ride. The first steps are always the most difficult.

Drivers tend to be familiar with the routes that are best for cars. If you walk your child to school, you will know that route best. But there are other possibilities that you are probably not aware of.