Athllon Drive Duplication: not for cyclists

The Athllon Drive Duplication has been welcomed by many in the south who drive to Woden or Civic. For cyclists, however, the project sadly offers little. This is not untypical for road duplications.

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Sulwood Drive: reason for concern

With the excitement about Athllon Drive Duplication Project, many have great hopes something will be done about Sulwood Drive. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Why funding is likely and why Sulwood Drive has missed out is discussed here.

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2020-21 ACT Budget: details but nothing new

At we are always excited to see money in the budget for cycling. 2020 was a special year and the budget has finally caught up. Hopefully, the budget for the year 2021-2022 will bring more investment in cycling.

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Woden Valley 1989: ahead of its time

Woden Valley was built in the 1960s. By 1989 it already had many of the bike paths we know today. It was ahead of its time. Photos from 30 years ago, that could be from yesterday.

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Tuggeranong: valley of bike paths 1989

After the paddocks in the Tuggeranong Valley, came suburbs and bike paths, and what beautiful bike paths they were.

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More roads and not much else

It is hard to imagine how much money we spend on roads. Here is a comparison of the investment in road improvement (duplications and widening) with other forms of transport. As cyclists, we are interested in bike paths but the light rail is included, too.

Approximately $1 billion has been committed to road duplications and widening in and around Canberra. $336 million for light rail but only $18 million to bicycle infrastructure. The EU would recommend $330 million for bicycle infrastructure in the ACT, based on their recommendation to invest 20% of the transport budget in bike infrastructure. In this week’s $4.9 billion announcement, Andrew Barr unfortunately did not even mention cycling. In other Australian cities, the sums spent on roads is even bigger: “The Australian and NSW Governments are investing $4.1 billion” in the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan.

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Heysen Street and the Woden Renewal

The bicycle path along Heysen Street is keenly awaited. The current project ends at Devonport Street. As you can see that still leaves a gap. As of July 2020, a further segment was promised. Heysen Street Links is part of the Woden Renewal.

Status update 25 July 2020: construction has not begun.

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Sulwood Drive bike path

“This was good idea last year. Let’s add it to Fast-track, please!” 🙂

The Sulwood Drive bike path came to my attention during the last federal election. The ACT Government and an elected Federal Labor Government pledged $5.8 million for active travel infrastructure. One of these projects was the Sulwood Drive bike path in Kambah.

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Pedal Power’s recommendations: ACT stimulus package

Pedal Power ACT made a submission for bike infrastructure to the ACT Budget. A reminder was sent to the ACT Government in March 2020 after the announcement of a COVID-19 stimulus package.

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