Canberra Nature Park on OpenStreetMap

The Canberra Nature Park reserves seem to be endless, and the view is obstructed by the forest and hills. The management trails and paths meander their way around the hills. This network of trails and paths has grown historically. There is a surprise around every corner.

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Hall on the Canberra Centenary Trail

Hall and Tharwa stand out in the ACT as they were there before everything else. It is difficult to ride to Hall with the lack of a bike path and only one access road. Mountain bikers know it as the starting point of the 17 km long, ACT northern border Canberra Centenary Trail.

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Cycling in the National Arboretum

The National Arboretum features a quirky central path and the trees are laid out on a grid in blocks. Two prominent hills dominate the landscape like camel humps. The larger of the two is Dairy Farmers Hill, and the smaller to the north is unnamed. The peak of Dairy Farmers Hill is about 100 m above the park entrance. If you like hills, the National Arboretum is for you.

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Bicentennial National Trail between Hawker and Strathnairn

In 1988 the National Horse Trail was rejuvenated and relaunched as the Bicentennial National Trail. The section between Hawker and Strathnairn is explored here.

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Active Travel Infrastructure Interim Planning Guideline (PATACT)

An introduction to Planning for Active Travel in the ACT: Active Travel Infrastructure Interim Planning Guideline (ACT Government, January 2019).

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Missing link: filling the gaps in bike networks

Missing links is a term that describes gaps in the cycling network, and those gaps can be quite short. Adding another 100 m of missing path, connecting two other bike paths, makes a network. Without this short link, a cyclist may need to ride a much greater distance.

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Molonglo River Reserve cycling summary

Molonglo Valley development will give the valley character but is problematic from an urban development perspective. Here is a summary, discussion and quotes of interesting things relevant to cycling and active travel.

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