City ranking for cycling: US style.

Bicycle Transport Analysis is a US organisation that has a basket model for scoring cities for the suitability of cycling. Canberra does very well in this ranking but the first impression is deceptive.

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Hill climbs of interest in the suburbs

Some love hills. There is satisfaction found climbing a hill and the reward of a magnificent view at the top. The ride down is a real thrill. Here are suggested hill climbs that lie in the heart of the suburbs.

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Molonglo Valley to Civic on gravel

Our options are getting limited. Butters Bridge and Black Mountain Peninsula are closed. Cycling must go on. Try a Arboretum and Black Mountain gravel ride instead of the LBG CBR Cycle Route.

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Black Mountain Peninsula opened again

The resurfacing of the Black Mountain Peninsula bike path is now completed and reopened.

A massive gap opened up in the Canberra cycling network as the Black Mountain Peninsula bike path closed for resurfacing in September 2020.

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Light rail enabling works on Barr’s Budget wishlist to PM

ACT Government’s Federal budget requests. An article from The RiotACT. Cycling is “on a list of infrastructure projects sent to the Prime Minister by Chief Minister Andrew Barr.”

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Arboretum to Mount Ainslie: CyclingGravel

CyclingGravel has been out and about and is always good for ideas. This route is from National Arboretum to Campbell via Black Mountain and Ainslie. The route is found in Komoot and on the website. If you do not mind the suburbs this is a good ride.

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Canberra Nature Park: Australian Hiker

Australian Hiker is a website for bushwalking but there are interesting reviews of Canberra Nature Park. As routes are often along management trails they can be ridden as well. In the worst case of ‘walking only’ trails, the review may provide inspiration for further investigation what is possible along management trails.

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Recreational cycling close to home

Why not cycle from home? There is a Canberra Nature Park within 500m from home for 75% of Canberrans. CyclOSM helps you find a ride at your doorstep by highlighting all the bike paths.

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