Molonglo Valley, Ministerial statement

Minister Steel’s statement in the ACT Legislative Assembly, 3 June 2021, provided little new information, but confirmed further transport investment for improvement and duplication of roads. Cycling projects were not mentioned – except for one: the long awaited bridge over Weston Creek.

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Good reasons for cycle paths

There are good reasons for the ACT Government to invest in cycling infrastructure. Here are three:

  1. People will only cycle if they feel safe, and they do not feel safe riding on the road.
  2. Safe cycling infrastructure reduces road fatalities.
  3. Better and safer cycling infrastructure reduces injuries, particularly among the old and young, who are more vulnerable in negotiating traffic.
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ACT Government and bike infrastructure

There is no polite way to put it. The ACT Government has consistently fallen short on providing Canberra with the cycling infrastructure that it needs. In the COVID-19 times when other state governments are announcing their plans for cycling, the ACT Government remains strangely mute. 

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