Mugga Mugga and Isaacs Ridge map updates

There are OpenStreetMap updates for both Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve and Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, no new paths come out of it. One route is now closed down to Mugga Lane as a result of new fencing along Old Quarry Road. Big trucks come labouring up this hill all day long. More about the changes below.

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Isaac Ridge peak from Woden Bus Station

Take the bus to Woden. Ride to the peak of Isaac Ridge ride and back. First a gentle climb along a good bike path to the southern end of the ridge before doubling back for the second half of the climb and the ascent to the ridge along The Spine singletrack. The ridge is then mostly flat until just before the peak.

Descend from the peak to the bike path and back to the bus. The descent is steep but is a good road. If you do not like steep, turn around at the peak and ride back to the bus station the way you came up.

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Long Gully Pine Plantation, Isaacs Ridge

Ride a good bike path, flat and fast gravel, climb a hill or singletrack, and combine it as you wish. There are advanced downhill routes, too, but that is for another day. These rides centre around the Long Gully Pine Plantation at Isaacs Ridge.

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Riding in the bush in Canberra

Canberra Nature Park makes it possible to ride through a network of reserves that are interconnected without ever crossing a major road. One of these areas is in the south east of Canberra.

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South Canberra ridges: CyclingGravel

The ride starts at Deakin, on the northern end of Red Hill Nature Reserve and sweeps south and west to end at Stromlo Forest Park. The route strings together a number of Canberra Nature Park reserves. The “South Canberra ridges” article can be found here.

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Recreational cycling close to home

Why not cycle from home? There is a Canberra Nature Park within 500 m from home for 75% of Canberrans. CyclOSM helps you find a ride at your doorstep by highlighting all the bike paths.

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Canberra Nature Park: OsmAnd app

Exploring Canberra Nature Park is easy with a smartphone. An app will help you find your way. You may use different apps for walking and cycling and that’s not surprising at all. In the car, you are likely to use something different again. So, what do we use and recommend for the walkers and hikers among us?

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Cycling in the National Arboretum

The National Arboretum features a quirky central path and the trees are laid out on a grid in blocks. Two prominent hills dominate the landscape like camel humps. The larger of the two is Dairy Farmers Hill, and the smaller to the north is unnamed. The peak of Dairy Farmers Hill is about 100 m above the park entrance. If you like hills, the National Arboretum is for you.

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Bicentennial National Trail between Hawker and Strathnairn

In 1988 the National Horse Trail was rejuvenated and relaunched as the Bicentennial National Trail. The section between Hawker and Strathnairn is explored here.

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