Canberra, let’s welcome back the lily pond!

The 2019 Monet Impression Sunrise exhibition was one of NGA’s most successful exhibitions ever. As we stood there and admired the beautiful flowers and leaves, we were looking at what Edgar Schein calls the ‘surface level of an organisational culture’. Like Monet, most people concentrate on the surface level of culture, because it’s easy, because we can see it. For example, we naïvely think we can change our car culture by putting paint on the road! Let us explore the concept of culture change a bit more, and link it to active travel and cycling infrastructure examples.

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Breaking the car habit: culture change

We need to face the facts on climate change. Sustainability has many facets and that includes transport. The ACT has zero emissions from electricity. New suburbs are without gas. The major source of emissions in the ACT is now from transport – and most of these emissions come from private car use.

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Cycling Culture: UK versus Go Dutch!

Men cycle more than women in the ACT: for every woman cycling, there are two men. In English speaking countries this is the norm, however, in Europe women and men are just as likely to ride. It could happen here, too.

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