Cycling between Whitlam and south Belconnen

Children would be better off riding to school rather than be driven. A case study demonstrating the feasibility of riding to schools and shops in Belconnen from Whitlam. Consideration of a new route with a low gradient, as required by Austroads design standards.

Active travel between Whitlam and Denman Prospect

A case study of Denman Prospect and Whitlam – two suburbs in the Molonglo Valley, south and north of the Molonglo River – that are of particular interest to active travel in the Monlonglo Valley.

Cycle infrastructure in Wright and Coombs

Once the suburb is built, its design is set in stone. A coherent network of continuous bike paths across the city needs a master plan for bike path infrastructure, upon which new suburbs can be designed and realised so that the new infrastructure interconnects. Suburb design starts with the end in mind. The suburb is a small unit of the much larger and longer endeavour, to build active travel networks across the city.