Pyrrhic victories in road safety

It is well-known that motor vehicles tend to squeeze vulnerable road users out of their space. With three tonnes of speeding motor vehicle approaching and the driver oblivious to your presence, this should not be a surprise. The most vulnerable of all are children.

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National Cycling Participation Survey

The National Cycling Participation Survey is unusual for Australia. It is a standardised survey that has been repeated every two years since 2011. Repeating the survey regularly is the only way to find and analyse trends. The survey provides data on cycling participation across Australia and estimates of participation in the ACT, too.

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Maps for kids

The Ride or Walk to School program encourages kids to ride to school by teaching them the skills they need to do it. Active Streets aims to improve the paths around schools to make it safe to do so. You will see the Active Street logo on these paths (see below).

Active travel is both bikes and pedestrians, ACT Government
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Ride or Walk to School: Physical Activity Foundation

The Physical Activity Foundation runs the ACT ride to school program. Schools are not resourced for this sort of thing. Bikes, for example, are not something schools would own. Clearly, a child can only learn to ride on a bike. Not every family may be able to afford the bike. Schools hire instruments but not bikes. Here is how it is done.

“The Physical Activity Foundation is a registered Health Promotion Charity based in the ACT and our goal is to reduce the incidence of sedentary lifestyle diseases in children.”

About Us, Physical Activity Foundation

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Child’s play: primary school cycling safety

The ACT Government has a program for cycling safety for primary school children. One of the lessons identifies cycling hazards. The examples are found everywhere in Canberra. Perhaps we should send the ACT planners back to school. The hazards take a long time to fixed.

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