Birds view: Coombs to Civic CBR Cycle Routes

The post C10 Coombs to Civic Cycle Highway is a case study of a number of alternate routes for commuting between Coombs and Civic. This post adds to this with visualisations of the routes as “fly-by” videos.

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Cycling commuting in Canberra

Rushing off to work in the morning is familiar to everybody. Riding to work is enjoyable and good for our health. Getting there quickly and on time greatly matters. Considerable thought goes into getting to work. The routes between town centres are the most important ones and form cycle highways. This project focuses on the needs of commuting cyclists and the infrastructure they use daily.

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Woden light rail could cost $1.9 billion: ACT Budget

The light rail from Civic to Woden has been slowed by the approval process. Central business district projects are always expensive, and this one is no exception. The provisions in the budget have been set at $1.9 billion. Few would claim this is not a big number for the ACT.

“These provisions reflect previous government policy announcements, such as Stage 2A and 2B of the light rail.”

“In the update, it predicts the total cost of the light rail project could be up to $1.9 billion in total.”

Light rail to Woden could cost about $1.9 billion“, Canberra CityNews, 14/9/2020
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Fast Track: a fast, not a feast

Today’s check of the Fast Track website showed that no new strategic bike path projects have been added between 8-27 August 2020. At the current rate, it will take 166 years to double the length of off-road paths suitable for cycling in the ACT.

Wayfinding signage for the CBR Cycle Routes C3, C7 and C9 was added, however. Signage makes a difference.

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The Fast Track story

Fast Track is an initiative of the ACT Government to counter the economic fallout of COVID-19. The initiative is applauded. Sadly though, benefits for cyclists have been limited. At the current rate, it will take 166 years to double the length of off-road paths suitable for cycling.

This is unfortunate as the Canberra cycle network is long overdue for maintenance, expansion, and closing gaps. Canberra is growing faster than the cycle network. Over the last decade, many community groups have lobbied to get this fixed. has been tracking Fast Track. Here is a list of our most recent updates.

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On-road cycle lanes

Riding on a busy road is not for most people but some would not be without it. On-road cycle lanes are relatively cheap to build as they are a continuation of the road surface. The intent has been to add cycle lanes when the road is resurfaced. On-road cycle lanes are not separated from the road and motor vehicles often find their way onto them. This is not legal but few think twice about it.

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Strategic Fast Track: complete list

Fast Track includes several projects that are strategic bike infrastructure. Pedal Power ACT is still driving its priority list of missing links that have largely remained unchanged since the 2016 ACT Election. The Conservation Council ACT Region has campaigned just as long for active travel and hosted recently a webinar. These initiatives are all most welcome.

This is the most recent of a list of Fast Track updates.

This is an older post. For more recent posts see here

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