Strategic Fast Track: complete list

Fast Track includes several projects that are strategic bike infrastructure. Pedal Power ACT is still driving its priority list of missing links that have largely remained unchanged since the 2016 ACT Election. The Conservation Council ACT Region has campaigned just as long for active travel and hosted recently a webinar. These initiatives are all most welcome.

National Capital Authority: protector of the sacrosanct

A quirk of Canberra is that while we have a territory government, the ACT Government is not responsible for all the ACT. Canberra is more like Rome, with Vatican City at its centre. Here we call it the Parliamentary Triangle, and it is ruled by the National Capital Authority (NCA).

Good and direct bike paths save time

Cycle infrastructure is lagging in Coombs. Despite the Concept Plan being finalised in 2012 and the suburb established since 2015, the cycle infrastructure is still not complete or sufficient. As the crow flies, Coombs and Belconnen are about the same distance from Civic centre, however, while commuting from Civic to Belconnen in 30 minutes is possible, it is not from Coombs.