Cycling cities is about not re-inventing the wheel

Cities that have prioritised cycling have never looked back. However, the transformation cannot happen without strong leadership. We need to appoint a Cycling Commissioner to get us moving.

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ACT Coroner: poorly maintained path contributed to the death

The cyclist Dr Teresa Foce died on a poorly maintained path, awash with gravel. The ACT Government needs to show more responsibility for path maintenance of the bike paths.

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The Conservation Council ACT Region: 2020 ACT Election scorecard

The Conservation Council ACT Region also publishes a scorecard for the 2020 ACT Election. Their scorecard has a much broader agenda than that of Pedal Power ACT but also includes active travel.

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2020 ACT Election: Pedal Power ACT scorecards

Scorecards for the ACT Elections are one of the many useful things Pedal Power ACT does. On 5 October 2020, ACT Labor reluctantly promised real dollars for cycling, but not much, and the Pedal Power ACT scorecards are now on the website. Take a look.

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Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019

The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019 is published by Infrastructure Australia to model Australia’s infrastructure needs in the coming decade, and includes transport infrastructure. The Austroads’ Australian Cycling Participation 2019 survey showed that cycling has decreased in the last decade in Austalia. The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019 predicts this is unlikely to change in the next decade in the ACT.

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National Cycling Participation Survey

The National Cycling Participation Survey is unusual for Australia. It is a standardised survey that has been repeated every two years since 2011. Repeating the survey regularly is the only way to find and analyse trends. The survey provides data on cycling participation across Australia and estimates of participation in the ACT, too.

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