Komoot just got better

Komoot is the best app for riding in Canberra, not least because of the great maps from OpenStreetMap. Komoot has released several long awaited features. One of the best features remains. Komoot is free, including an on-the-move smartphone route planning app and an excellent website. Give it a try.

Strava has now priced itself into the stratosphere. Strava has, however, a great feature: the privacy zone. Komoot now has this, too – just better.

Facebook, Strava and Komoot have something in common. They are a form of social media. Komoot previously had limited sharing options. These have now been extended.

Both these points are discussed in this post.

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Komoot and navigation around Canberra

Canberra has much to offer, but navigation is difficult. The combination of Komoot and GPS bike computers is ideal for finding your way around Canberra. Even if you cannot afford GPS, the free Komoot app is enough.

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Finding the right route

We rely on directional signage to find our way around Canberra, which has improved, but there will always be the need for navigation. OpenStreetMap is the best cycling map for Canberra. Finding the best route with digital maps and GPS technology can be a great aid for biking and active travel.

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Finding the right map

To navigate Canberra, you need to find the right map. The maps need to be current and suitable for the type of biking that you are doing. Putting aside mountain biking in Canberra, we need maps for all those other types of bikes that prefer paved surfaces: city bikes. To find the best route to the destination, the maps need to show rideable paths, including bike paths.

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