Epic Gravel Trail: CyclingGravel

CyclingGravel has recently published a commentary about the Canberra Centenary Trail. As canberra.bike has noted the environment and the quality and type of the trail vary a lot. The Canberra Centenary Trail was designed to showcase all that is good about Canberra. Canberra Centenary Trail tries to make everybody happy and that is its weakness.

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Arboretum to Mount Ainslie: CyclingGravel

CyclingGravel has been out and about and is always good for ideas. This route is from National Arboretum to Campbell via Black Mountain and Ainslie. The route is found in Komoot and on the website. If you do not mind the suburbs this is a good ride.

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Stromlo to Arbo: CyclingGravel

Update 1 April 2021. This ride is currently not possible due to the Butters Bridge closure. It gets worse. The detour suggested by CyclingGravel is blocked too.

Crossing the river on gravel is only possible at Coombs.

Namarag Molonglo Special Purpose Reserve construction works have closed the Butters Bridge at its north end. Bridge access is possible from the south end (Denman Prospect) just for the view. (Stand 6 February 2021)

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South Canberra ridges: CyclingGravel

The ride starts at Deakin, on the northern end of Red Hill Nature Reserve and sweeps south and west to end at Stromlo Forest Park. The route strings together a number of Canberra Nature Park reserves. 

The “South Canberra ridges” article can be found here.

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Molonglo River Reserve: CyclingGravel

Riding around LBG is ok, but can get busy. Riding the Molonglo valley on this gravel trail leaves the crowds behind.

Molonglo River Reserve — Cycling Gravel

I have done this ride myself and can recommend it. If you do not want to do the whole ride, then try part of it. Enjoy the cycling!