Riding to Farrer or Eddison Park Nature Play

Farrer or Eddison Park Nature Play playgrounds were introduced in the last post and riding there is discussed here. Farrer is surrounded by other suburbs and a great place for a playground. Woden town centre is tricky with kids and an island to itself. recommends Komoot for cycle navigation in Canberra.


Mount Rob Roy: alone but not forgotten

Mount Tennent, Honeysuckle Creek and Mount Rob Roy belong to the great hill climbs in the south. Mount Tennent, south of Tharwa, is usually walked but it can be run. Honeysuckle Creek is a popular road ride (the road is currently closed), and Mount Rob Roy a gravel ascent on Banks Steep Track management trail.


Recreational cycling close to home

Why not cycle from home? There is a Canberra Nature Park within 500m from home for 75% of Canberrans. CyclOSM helps you find a ride at your doorstep by highlighting all the bike paths.

maps tips

OpenStreetMap is the best map for the Canberra cyclist

“I recently moved to the northside and I don’t know the area”. We want to start riding but it is hard to know where to ride. The first steps are always the most difficult.

Drivers tend to be familiar with the routes that are best for cars. If you walk your child to school, you will know that route best. But there are other possibilities that you are probably not aware of.

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Three bike maps of the Arboretum

The message to take away here is that there is a lot of paths missing on the Active Travel Infrastructure Practitioner Tool. The idea is great. But they should not exclude the paths that they have already built. Particularly the unpaved paths are very poorly represented but they are not unimportant for many cyclists in Canberra.