Seasonal variations in cycling

Little information is available about ACT seasonal variations in cycling. It is not as simple as hot or cold, wet or dry. Many will cycle anyway. Most studies are only for a short period. Here is what we do know.

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CBR Cycle Route C11: one loop

The CBR Cycle Route C11 runs along Flemington Road from EPIC to Well Station Drive and forms one side of a triangle in a loop that connects Belconnen, Dickson and Mitchell. The strength of loops for navigation is that you can leave and join them wherever and whenever you like. This provides the cyclist with many options.

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Flemington Road bike path is finished

The off-road bike path bypassing Mitchell on the Flemington Road has now been completed and opened. It is worth celebrating. The new path closes a missing link and opens interesting possibilities in the north. More about that in the next post. Flemington Road was introduced here.

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ACT Government Fast Track

The ACT Government has announced their Fast Track program. This program includes path infrastructure. That is great news, but missing are priority projects for cycle infrastructure in the ACT.

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Dickson Majura Gungahlin loop

Majura Pines is a great destination. With a gravel bike or mountain bike, it is an easy ride from Dickson along Blue Metal Road through Mount Majura Nature Reserve. A longer route back is to follow the bike path along Majura Parkway and return via Gungahlin.

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Dickson to Gungahlin via Old Well Station Road

An alternate route to Gungahlin, away from the cars. This would be the safe and better approach. Here is one possible route that follows the Federal Highway, EPIC and Well Station Track to reach Gungahlin.

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