Technologically obsolete: bike parts not available

The product life cycles seem to be getting shorter with the result that parts for previous models – less than 1 year old – may be no longer available. This technological advancement has the benefit of providing us with better bikes, but it is making their lifespan shorter.

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What do humans know about e-bikes? Toronto Study

Toronto has a thriving e-bike rental scheme. One of the largest reviews into e-bike knowledge has just been published, and it contains some surprising results, not least that while e-bikes might be displacing some conventional cycling, they are actually extending the “cycling career” of people who were […]


More talk about torque

E-bikes have an electric motor. The regulation is measured in power (Watts) but its performance, particularly for mountain bikes, depends on torque (Nm). Making sense of this is not easy. Everybody gets confused. Some understanding will help with your e-bike shopping.

The simple answer is that for flat country torque is not so important but the steeper it gets the more torque counts. At maximum torque on a hill, the bike will stall, and from that point, you will be pushing. That’s why cargo bikes and mountain bikes are sold with motors with the highest torque.

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E-Bike Sales in Germany Keeps Accelerating

Germany it rather good at gathering data on bike sales. Australia is pretty slack in comparison. The data is collected by the German industry association ‘Zweirad-Industriep-Verband’ (ZIV).

“What started with a sales growth of 11.5 percent in 2015 has been accelerating since. Of course this is about e-bikes which are so rapidly gaining in popularity in Germany that in 2019 sales growth in units stood at a huge 39 percent. In absolute numbers 1.36 million e-bikes were sold on Europe’s biggest bike market.”

E-Bike Sales in Germany Keeps Accelerating with 1.4 Million Sold in 2019, Jack Oortwijn, Bike EU, 12 Mar 2020
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Putting kids on bikes

The Canberra bike stores are fewer, bigger and more competitive. They will usually price match. Bike stores just want the sale. Kids grow fast, and once an enthusiastic cyclist, then always a cyclist. They know you will be back. Pricing for kids bikes starts from $200 and goes up to about $500.

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On your bike: the electric bike alternative

“Expensive” is a relative expression. We will go to the same effort to get a 5% discount whether products costs $100 or $10,000. We much prefer to have a $5 discount for cash than pay $5 more to use the credit card. Electric bikes are comparatively cheap and we are beginning to notice.

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