Slow down: a sign of the times

Slower Streets is being rolled out in Ainslie, Aranda, Braddon, Crace, Downer, Farrer, Garran, O’Connor, Watson, Weston and Yarralumla as part of the COVID-19 response. This has to be good for cycling. What is Slow Streets about?

Riding to Farrer or Eddison Park Nature Play

Farrer or Eddison Park Nature Play playgrounds were introduced in the last post and riding there is discussed here. Farrer is surrounded by other suburbs and a great place for a playground. Woden town centre is tricky with kids and an island to itself.

Nature Play: “natural” playground

Nature Play was a puzzle to me. reviews the Nature Play playgrounds in Farrer and Woden. What I like best about Farrer is not part of the Nature Play concept. If we want children to explore the world, we have to accept calculated risk at a certain level. Urban “cotten wool” children will miss out on learning opportunities that others close to nature have.