Active Travel investment 2019-2020: contracts valued $9.749 million

The TCCS 2019-2020 Annual Report outlines the capital expenditure for the period between 2016-2022 and contracts value for the 2019-2020 financial year. Capital expenditure on works is over multiple years, delays included. We compare capital expenditure on active travel is compared with road duplications.

Heysen Street to Woden Town Centre

The Heysen Street Link bike path will be extended to Woden Town Centre. Good news, after years of delays. The scope of projects often shrinks after grand announcements, but Heysen Street Link has grown to something more. A happy end.

Three bridges across Molonglo River

The John Gorton Drive Bridge will be the first bridge completed in the Molonglo Valley. The pedestrian bridge, Butters Bridge, was finished in 2016 and now closed due to construction works. The third bridge is at least ten years off

Taking stock of community paths

The ACT active travel standards have a minimum path width of 2.5 m. The reality is that many of the community paths are much narrower than this. Only 19% of the paths in the ACT are 2.5 m or wider (strategic paths). The most common path width is 1.2 m and makes up 54% of the 3106 km in the ACT. Many suburban streets, however, have no paths at all on the verge and pedestrians walk on the road, which is also often safer for the elderly due to lack of path maintenance.

Strategic Fast Track: complete list

Fast Track includes several projects that are strategic bike infrastructure. Pedal Power ACT is still driving its priority list of missing links that have largely remained unchanged since the 2016 ACT Election. The Conservation Council ACT Region has campaigned just as long for active travel and hosted recently a webinar. These initiatives are all most welcome.

Strategic Fast Track update: 25 June 2020

This is the first update of the list of strategic path projects from the official Fast Track website. Of the “$25 million program” announced on 11/6/2020 very little has been allocated to new strategic path projects. The regular updated of new projects 10 days after the previous post.