The Pinnacle: always worth a visit

The Pinnacle is a favourite. The offset area in the south is something new and I thought it worth a visit.

Bicentennial National Trail between Hawker and Strathnairn

The Bicentennial National Trail can be ridden with a mountain bike from Hawker to Strathnairn in Belconnen west. The Pinnacle Nature Reserve in Hawker is a gem. A photo essay of the ride.

Mount Rogers summit loop

A short ride from Lake Ginninderra to Mount Rogers, around the summit track and back to the starting point on the lake in Belconnen. Most of the route is a bike path but the summit circuit track, that provides great views from every side of the mountain, is gravel. The track is popular with localsContinue reading “Mount Rogers summit loop”

Belconnen to Coombs via the Butters Bridge

This highlights the need for north-south bike path between Belconnen and Coombs. Go bike routes are direct and riding to Coombs from Belconnen is anything but direct. This post shows one way such a path could be built. There is space for it and the road crossing points could optimised but unfortunately it is notContinue reading “Belconnen to Coombs via the Butters Bridge”