Macnamara: a new suburb in Ginninderry

The Ginninderry estate development has some of the best active travel infrastructure in Canberra. They did not invent it but rather were the first to implement our ACT Standards!

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Gradients in Molonglo 3

Gradients are hard to guess. We do not have an eye for it. Riding a bike, we notice when it gets too steep, however, it is hard to say how steep that is. That is what the gradient measures.

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Illegal parking in cycle lanes

It is not just about safety but respect for other road users.

A roundabout in Higgins. The dual-lane carriageway gets a lot of traffic, so the cyclist rides off the road before the roundabout and back on afterwards. Ramps and a bike path are provided for this purpose.

It only works though if cars do not park on the bike lane. Plenty of room here to park somewhere else. Unfortunately, this problem is not uncommon.

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A play space everywhere

Play spaces are popping up all over Canberra. provided a guide to play spaces and this is now updated in this post. A recent announcement by Chris Steel in May 2020 reminded us that there is more to come. Some were already in last years budget but a few have been brought forward as a result of COVID-19 playground closures. There is good news here for everybody.

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