Move @ Moncrieff

Moncrieff is a new suburb in the north.

Move at Moncrieff, Moncrieff Community Recreation Park Playground

The Taylor estate is opposite on the other side of Horse Park Drive. This area is quite flat and the bike infrastructure is good. The estate planning in Gungahlin has worked out well for cyclists. All the more puzzling why the estate planning in Molonglo Valley, which started later, has been so patchy. One of the successes of urban planning in Gungahlin is certainly the Moncrieff Community Recreation Park Playground. It is also known as “Move at Moncrief”.

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Horse Park Drive Gungahlin

There is a bike path along the whole length of Horse Park Drive but unfortunately it keeps switching sides of the dual lane carriage way. While there are lights where it is safe to cross, there is much time lost waiting at traffic lights and in what feels like crossing the road unnecessarily.

Underpasses are rare but it may be possible to accept a detour and connect these underpasses into one route. This route is not signposted, so most will follow the road or intersections. I do not find it surprising that the road designers missed this. There are plenty of other examples of bike paths with unnecessary road crossings in Canberra.

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Dickson Majura Gungahlin loop

A very pretty ride from Belconnen to Majura Pines, returning via Gungahlin.

Figure 1: Horse Park Drive bike path, heading towards Gungahlin

Route: This is probably the most direct route from Belconnen to Majura Pines. To keep things interesting, the return is via Majura Parkway and Horse Park Drive bike paths, which has everything going for it except for the hill. Return from Horse Park Drive past Well Station, Well Station Drive and Gungahlin Drive bike paths.