You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Molonglo Valley has only 5000 residents currently and the existing traffic chaos might lead the average Canberran to think it cannot get much worse. Molonglo is at the beginning of a rapid growth spurt, and in the next few years the growth of congestion will follow suit.

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Molonglo Valley, Ministerial statement

Minister Steel’s statement in the ACT Legislative Assembly, 3 June 2021, provided little new information, but confirmed further transport investment for improvement and duplication of roads. Cycling projects were not mentioned – except for one: the long awaited bridge over Weston Creek.

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Molonglo Valley Stage 3 timeline 2004-2040

This article is a chronological list of the Molonglo Valley Stage 3 development stages and contains the key documents to download. It is mostly for reference purposes.

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Evolution of the Molonglo Valley

The Molonglo Valley is not flat and that has been well known – and it does cause problems. In Molonglo 3, on the north of the river, the gradients can be a challenge.

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Transport projects in the Molonglo Valley

While the John Gorton Drive Bridge is well known by now, another river crossing has barely been mentioned. Minister Steel’s presentation last night at the Molonglo Valley Community Forum shed a little light on the subject.

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Notes from the Lost Valley

Molonglo Valley is not lost, but it is still trying to find its way. The next step seems to be the Molonglo Valley Community Council. It is nowhere close to finished and hopefully, the Molonglo Valley Community Council will make a difference.

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Missing link in Coombs goes to tender

A 3 m wide path will be built around a pond creating a connection between Roy Corrigan Close, Coombs, and Coaldrake Avenue, Denman Prospect, under John Gorton Drive. The new Evelyn Scott School in Denman Prospect will greatly benefit from this.

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2020-21 ACT Budget: details but nothing new

At we are always excited to see money in the budget for cycling. 2020 was a special year and the budget has finally caught up. Hopefully, the budget for the year 2021-2022 will bring more investment in cycling.

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