Coppins Crossing is missing bike lanes and more

Coppins Crossing Road is an example of a popular Canberra road without bike lanes. As today is our unofficial bike lane day, it is worth a closer look. On-road cycle lanes in the ACT are also discussed here. The Coppins Crossing is a river level crossing on the Molonglo River built to rural road standardsContinue reading “Coppins Crossing is missing bike lanes and more”

The bike infrastructure in Wright and Coombs

The suburbs of Wright and Coombs are new suburbs finished since 2015 and as such showcase the design principles for suburb development. For new suburbs good bike infrastructure begins and ends on the designer’s drawing board. Once the suburb is built it is set in stone. I would conclude that coherent network of continuous bikeContinue reading “The bike infrastructure in Wright and Coombs”

Belconnen to Coombs via the Butters Bridge

This highlights the need for north-south bike path between Belconnen and Coombs. Go bike routes are direct and riding to Coombs from Belconnen is anything but direct. This post shows one way such a path could be built. There is space for it and the road crossing points could optimised but unfortunately it is notContinue reading “Belconnen to Coombs via the Butters Bridge”