Molonglo Valley to Civic on gravel

Our options are getting limited. Butters Bridge and Black Mountain Peninsula are closed. Cycling must go on. Try a Arboretum and Black Mountain gravel ride instead of the LBG CBR Cycle Route.

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Birds view: Coombs to Civic CBR Cycle Routes

The post C10 Coombs to Civic Cycle Highway is a case study of a number of alternate routes for commuting between Coombs and Civic. This post adds to this with visualisations of the routes as “fly-by” videos.

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CBR Cycle Route C10: Coombs to Civic Cycle Highway

The C10 Coombs to Civic Cycle Highway (CBR Cycle Route C10) would make commuting between Coombs and Civic faster and also improve the Molonglo Valley network. Four routes are compared: three already exist and one is new – the C10. CBR Cycle Route C10 is the best.

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Black Mountain Peninsula opened again

The resurfacing of the Black Mountain Peninsula bike path is now completed and reopened.

A massive gap opened up in the Canberra cycling network as the Black Mountain Peninsula bike path closed for resurfacing in September 2020.

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Light rail enabling works on Barr’s Budget wishlist to PM

ACT Government’s Federal budget requests. An article from The RiotACT. Cycling is “on a list of infrastructure projects sent to the Prime Minister by Chief Minister Andrew Barr.”

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Federal environment law and cycling in Canberra

Urban planning must comply with Federal environment law. It is not just the National Capital Authority that has a say. Together they ring-fence urban planning. Cycling has fallen short.

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The National Capital Authority: bane or benefit?

Controversial development proposals on Lake Burley Griffin have again shone a light on the ACT Territory Government and the National Capital Authority (NCA) relationship. ABC News has done a great job explaining this relationship. At we ask how this will change cycling.

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Black Mountain: too big to miss

Lake Burley Griffin to Black Mountain is a gentle forest climb of 165 m, followed by thrilling descents on windy gravel roads. The lower section is flat and sandy, and the upper steep and rocky. The forest is full of animals and the unexpected. The Canberra Centenary Trail meanders its way around the twin humps of Black Mountain.

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