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More roads and not much else

Most of the investment is still improving roads. The relative investment in road improvements ($986 million), light rail ($336 million) and cycling ($17.9 million) between 2020-2024.

Flemington Road bike path is finished

Much awaited and now finished. It is worth celebrating. After its destruction through road widening for the construction of the light rail, it has been finally rebuilt, but not as part of the light rail project.

National Museum and Black Mountain looking across West Basin, Lake Burley Griffin, ACT, Australia,Photo by Rainer Busacker CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

National Capital Authority: protector of the sacrosanct

If there is one thing to be learned from urban planning in Canberra, then it is to plan your bike paths early, otherwise, they are likely to be forgotten. As a cyclist, we should be interested in the redevelopment of the Weston Basin on Lake Burley Griffin by the National Capital Authority.

Active Travel Infrastructure Interim Planning Guideline

For a strategy to be implement it must be specified in detail what the vague ambition means in concrete terms. Putting the financial cost of infrastructure to one side, what does it mean to build a bike path. For this the urban planning practitioners need a specification.