Local Area Traffic Management in Kambah

Local Area Traffic Management is about identifying a range of measures to make streets safer – typically through traffic calming. For over a decade, TCCS is well aware of the importance of pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic calming is a way to shift the balance on our roads in their favour.

Why schools struggle to improve safety

Children do not walk to school because cars make it unsafe to do so. To improve road safety for children around schools, we require traffic calming measures, on all sides, and to create safe zones where children can move without crossing motor vehicles. Any approach will require some government expenditure and urban renewal. TCCS have named the process Local Area Traffic Management (LATM). Lyneham Primary School e-Petition is a typical attempt to improve safety around the school. The chances of any improvement, however, are low. 😦

Community paths: audited around 700 from 3,000 kilometres

Transcript Of Evidence for the Standing Committee On Planning, Transport And City Services from 4 March 2021. The Standing Committee discusses transport and planning issues that related to cycling, but not all that often. The relevant information from the last time is found here.