Cycling between Whitlam and south Belconnen

Children would be better off riding to school rather than be driven. A case study demonstrating the feasibility of riding to schools and shops in Belconnen from Whitlam. Consideration of a new route with a low gradient, as required by Austroads design standards.

Pushing uphill in Whitlam: part 1

One of the big factors that make a bike path rideable is the path gradient. If it is too steep, and we will find ourselves pushing uphill. Bike paths, poorly designed, can be too steep to ride. A case study of Whitlam active travel network.

Titbits: Path width recommendations

The Australian Austroads cycle path standards includes recommendations on path widths. The recommended path widths are wider than the vast majority of community and shared paths in Canberra. The Austroads AGRD06A standard is more detailed than the ACT equivalent and complements the local standard.