ACT 2020-21 estimates on active travel

The ACT Legislative Assembly has a number of standing committees. One of those is for transport and discussed active travel at the last Estimates 2020-21.

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ACT Coroner: poorly maintained path contributed to the death

Dr Teresa Foce died cycling on a poorly maintained path, awash with gravel. The ACT Government needs to show more responsibility for path maintenance of the bike paths.

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Aranda CBR Cycle Route C5: falling short of expectations

The ongoing saga of Aranda bike path and the lastest email from Tara Cheyne on the topic. Maintenance is sorely needed but despite the newest promises nothing has been done. ACT Labor has never got on top of this issue in their 19 years in government.

Aranda update 13 February 2021

The lower section of the Aranda bike path (C5) has been resurfaced following the 2020 ACT Election but is already cracking due to tree roots. The root cause of the cracking previously was also the trees. This problem is well understood as asphalt reshapes itself to the underlying ground like a glacier. Asphalt is more like plasticine than concrete. The ACT Active Travel Stand Drawings and Austroads recommendations for bike paths provide recommendations for bike path construction to avoid such issues. For roads the asphalt is laid on a thick compacted road base (for John Gorton Drive it has about a 30 cm thickness). The construction of a bike path is similar with a thick “road base” and a relative thin layer of asphalt over that. The “road base” is important as it provides the stability and load bearing that asphalt lacks.

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Black Mountain Peninsula opened again

The resurfacing of the Black Mountain Peninsula bike path is now completed and reopened.

A massive gap opened up in the Canberra cycling network as the Black Mountain Peninsula bike path closed for resurfacing in September 2020.

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Bumper cars: cycling hazards

Cycling in Canberra means zigzagging around hazards. We take our ability to navigate traffic hazards for granted but it is a hard one. Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities are often greatly disadvantaged. As cyclists, we know that good infrastructure makes all the difference. It can be scary to see how bent up and buckled it can be.

Safety and hazards on CBR Cycle Route C5, Aranda bike path, Belconnen, Canberra
A motor vehicle has flattened a cycling rest on an island. This is the CBR Cycle Route C5 and should be a cyclist priority crossing. Aranda bike path, Belconnen, Canberra.
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