Gungahlin to Belconnen commuting

Optimal routes are rare, but there are better routes. People have different cycling preferences. Road riding and off-road cycling are found here. Road lanes and bike paths may not be continuous but there is usually enough to make a worthwhile route.

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Maps for kids

The Ride or Walk to School program encourages kids to ride to school by teaching them the skills they need to do it. Active Streets aims to improve the paths around schools to make it safe to do so. You will see the Active Street logo on these paths (see below).

Active travel is both bikes and pedestrians, ACT Government
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Komoot just got better

Komoot is the best app for riding in Canberra, not least because of the great maps from OpenStreetMap. Komoot has released several long awaited features. One of the best features remains. Komoot is free, including an on-the-move smartphone route planning app and an excellent website. Give it a try.

Strava has now priced itself into the stratosphere. Strava has, however, a great feature: the privacy zone. Komoot now has this, too – just better.

Facebook, Strava and Komoot have something in common. They are a form of social media. Komoot previously had limited sharing options. These have now been extended.

Both these points are discussed in this post.

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Namadgi National Park: website update

The Namadgi National Park website of the ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, for short ACT Environment, has been updated. They have even provided a rather nice map and updated the walks page, too.

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CyclOSM: OpenStreetMap for bikes

Getting an overview is the start to planning a ride. CyclOSM turns the Canberra map on its head by showing a cyclist’s view of the city. The map data is from OpenStreetMap. These maps are available on the smartphone with another open-source product: OSMAnd.

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