Shadows in the fog: Molonglo commercial centre

Slowly, most have heard of Molonglo Valley. For the suburbs of Bonner and Forde, the ACT Government won awards – from the Molonglo Valley it’s getting headaches. The commercial centre has become a thorn in their side. What do we know about it?

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Molonglo Valley Community Forum highlights

Images from the slide pack that were not seen on the night of the Molonglo Valley Community Forum. Much of this is explained elsewhere on but the images remain informative.

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The fate of Molonglo Valley

At the first meeting of the Molonglo Valley Community Forum, the politicians there were not yet particularly influential, but they were at least interested. Most politicians have little knowledge of what is planned for new estates, so it was fortunate that mandarins turned up, too.

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Molonglo Valley explodes

Some areas of Canberra are growing fast and the Molonglo Valley is one of them. Critical points on the timeline are the completion of the John Gorton Drive Bridge and Molonglo group centre.

The most recent update on the John Gorton Drive Bridge is found here from 12 February 2021.

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