Ring fencing Molonglo 3

Molonglo 3 East is in an early stage of planning. Molonglo 3 East is a large fenced paddock. In the Planning Design Framework the ACT Government outlines what it does and does not want, with plenty of space left in the middle. 

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Evolution of the Molonglo Valley

The Molonglo Valley is not flat and that has been well known – and it does cause problems. In Molonglo 3, on the north of the river, the gradients can be a challenge.

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Transport projects in the Molonglo Valley

While the John Gorton Drive Bridge is well known by now, another river crossing has barely been mentioned. Minister Steel’s presentation last night at the Molonglo Valley Community Forum shed a little light on the subject.

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ACT Environment’s advice to cyclists

The ACT Environment is very accommodating. I think it’s worth noting their advice to cyclists. I will highlight interesting information from ACT Environment in the coming weeks. 

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Kama Reserve: much loved

This was the first post on the Kama Reserve. Previously writing this article, there were no signs at the entrance to the reserve prohibiting cycling. The Molonglo River Reserve: Reserve Management Plan 2019 (26 July 2019) states that it is permitted (read more here and below). There is no reason given for any change by ACT Environment.

Update 7 May 2021 Pipe Flat

The gate on Pipe Flat, on the west side of the Deep Creek crossing, has been locked. You can get through as it is a step-through gate, and you will have to lift your bike across over the gate. The lack of pedestrian stiles through which you can wheel your bike is a common floor in ACT Environment’s concept restricting car access.

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Federal environment law and cycling in Canberra

Urban planning must comply with Federal environment law. It is not just the National Capital Authority that has a say. Together they ring-fence urban planning. Cycling has fallen short.

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When strategies collide: climate change, active travel and environment

Urban planning is failing us in the Molonglo Valley. Without coordination between the arms of government to set consistent priorities, active travel will not succeed.

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The Active Travel Infrastructure Practitioner Tool is dated

The Active Travel Infrastructure Practitioner Tool (ATIPT) is essential for the planning of greenfield developments. It should be kept up to date, but it is currently not. The Practitioner Tool contains the cycling corridors (Active Travel Route Alignments) that should be the starting point for estate planning.

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Active travel: key documents

If you are interested in better bike paths for Canberra, active travel and urban planning, these documents could be of interest. They will be discussed in future posts on canberra.bike and have been mentioned in many already.

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