Sulwood Drive: reason for concern

With the excitement about Athllon Drive Duplication Project, many have great hopes something will be done about Sulwood Drive. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Why funding is likely and why Sulwood Drive has missed out is discussed here.

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Missing link in Coombs goes to tender

A 3 m wide path will be built around a pond creating a connection between Roy Corrigan Close, Coombs, and Coaldrake Avenue, Denman Prospect, under John Gorton Drive. The new Evelyn Scott School in Denman Prospect will greatly benefit from this.

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Molonglo Valley hotspot

Many decisions need to be made around this strategic hotspot where Molonglo north and south meets Molonglo east and west, and the river is between.

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John Gorton Drive Bridge 2021 update

The planning for the John Gorton Drive Bridge has come out of the shadows – The funding promised at the ACT Election has been announced and the development application documents have been released. The construction costs will be about $177 million (June 2020 estimate).

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Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019

The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019 is published by Infrastructure Australia to model Australia’s infrastructure needs in the coming decade, and includes transport infrastructure. The Austroads’ Australian Cycling Participation 2019 survey showed that cycling has decreased in the last decade in Austalia. The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019 predicts this is unlikely to change in the next decade in the ACT.

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Weston Creek Community Council Election Forum 2020

Weston Creek Community Council Election Forum 2020 was this week and can be watched on The RiotACT Facebook page. The Murrumbidgee is a key electorate in the 2020 ACT Legislative Assembly election. The Molonglo Valley was not a major focus.

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Molonglo River bridge

This bridge over the Molonglo River will be completed by 2024 as the last section of the John Gorton Drive. The interest in the bridge is ongoing (previously discussed here and here), and the story gets better. The adjacent Butters Bridge was finished in 2016 and now closed due to construction works.

The most recent update on the John Gorton Drive Bridge is found here from 12 February 2021.

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Molonglo Valley: getting it right first time round

The Molonglo Valley is currently under construction and the cycling infrastructure is poor. If we wait until a suburb is finished then the problem will be with us for decades. This is what is happening now in the Molonglo Valley estate development.

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