25 highest peaks in the ACT

The ACT has big mountains, by Australian standards, but none of them are in Canberra. Reading the article “Hill climbs of interest in the suburbs”, it is worth remembering that Canberra was built where it is because it is so flat.

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Views of/from Mount Rob Roy from a bushwalker

It appears that mountain bikers like those fast flowing descents far too much to bother to stop and take photos. Lucky bushwalkers do take the time and a few photos along the way. 🙂

It turns out that some of the rides that canberra.bike will recommend are also popular bushwalking areas. A good example is Mount Rob Roy, where the loop route I recommended is also a popular bushwalk. Australian Hiker has an excellent review of this walk and shows nicely the reasons for going there. 

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Mount Rob Roy: alone but not forgotten

Mount Tennent, Honeysuckle Creek and Mount Rob Roy belong to the great hill climbs in the south. Mount Tennent, south of Tharwa, is usually walked but it can be run. Honeysuckle Creek is a popular road ride (the road is currently closed), and Mount Rob Roy a gravel ascent on Banks Steep Track management trail.

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