Technologically obsolete: bike parts not available

The product life cycles seem to be getting shorter with the result that parts for previous models – less than 1 year old – may be no longer available. This technological advancement has the benefit of providing us with better bikes, but it is making their lifespan shorter.

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Pedal Power Election Forum: sorely missed

The major parties were invited to speak at the Pedal Power 2016 ACT Election Forum about cycling. This year, the former CEO’s words ring true. “Don’t distil cycling input into the transport portfolio. It’s much more than that.”

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ACT Election: the end is tomorrow

The summary of the 2020 ACT Election. 2020 does not appear to be a year for political change – there is just simply too much going on. The big parties are holding their fortifications and nobody seems to want to venture out. A few knights are taunting those on the walls. For the most part, the voters have already chosen their keep.

Last updated 16/10/2020 and the final update as the decision for this round will be clear in a matter of days.

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Mount Stromlo to the Murrumbidgee River

A rideable corridor to the Murrumbidgee River came up again with the release of “The best of Canberra mountain bike experience” report this week. Here is the proposed route. 

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Mountain biking as a missed opportunity

Mountain biking is described in glowing terms. The ACT Greens submission to “The best of Canberra mountain bike experience” consultation last year is worth reading. It is well researched. Mountain biking is good value you for money and hampered by the inability of Government to exploit it.

“It appears that issues are currently managed through a collection of internal and disparate processes, which can be difficult for the public to understand, … aren’t conducive to making good long term strategic decisions.”

ACT Greens submission to “The best of Canberra mountain bike experience”, 2019
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West ACT: riding on gravel

It has been said there is good riding in the ACT. Namadgi National Park and behind that Brindabella National Park are close to Canberra. That makes them interesting, however, none of the rides are short. The ACT Environment website provides information about the management trails.

Update 24 April 2021 Namadgi National Park

Namadgi National Park has been closed for over a year and now some sections have opened again. The gravel section of Boboyan Road is in poor condition and a 4WD is recommended. Orroral Valley Road is closed leaving just Apollo Road open.

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More talk about torque

E-bikes have an electric motor. The regulation is measured in power (Watts) but its performance, particularly for mountain bikes, depends on torque (Nm). Making sense of this is not easy. Everybody gets confused. Some understanding will help with your e-bike shopping.

The simple answer is that for flat country torque is not so important but the steeper it gets the more torque counts. At maximum torque on a hill, the bike will stall, and from that point, you will be pushing. That’s why cargo bikes and mountain bikes are sold with motors with the highest torque.

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