Built to last a generation: rapid change, then stability

Everybody has seen it, everybody knows it but we forget it. We build our cities for the long term. The rapid construction of new suburbs is followed by long periods of stability and finally a wave of renewal. This cycle can take 40 to 50 years, or the period of many people’s working lifetime. For a city, a person’s life span is a blink of an eye.

It is all the more important that we get the new estates right as there will be little change in that suburb once the construction is finished. All the more important that we get the development of the Molonglo Valley right. There is little indication that the bike infrastructure in these new suburbs is consistent with the ACT Government policy or active travel planning guideline.

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A play space everywhere

Play spaces are popping up all over Canberra. Canberra.bike provided a guide to play spaces and this is now updated in this post. A recent announcement by Chris Steel in May 2020 reminded us that there is more to come. Some were already in last years budget but a few have been brought forward as a result of COVID-19 playground closures. There is good news here for everybody.

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ACT Government Fast Track

The ACT Government has announced their Fast Track program. This program includes path infrastructure.

Pedal Power ACT has consistently lobbied the government to complete ‘missing links’ in the cycle network. At the last federal election, the Federal and ACT Labor pledged funding for cycle projects in the ACT. These projects are not currently included in the COVID-19 stimulus measures. Below are maps of other projects that are.

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