Active travel: Hansard December 2020

Active travel comes up in the ACT Legislative Assembly and is worth watching out for. This is the first post of a series tracking this conversation.

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Visual dictionary for active travel

Getting the big picture: commonly used active travel terms. A picture is worth a thousand words. The defintions are from the Active Travel Facilities Design – Municipal Infrastructure Standards 05 (MIS05).

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Federal environment law and cycling in Canberra

Urban planning must comply with Federal environment law. It is not just the National Capital Authority that has a say. Together they ring-fence urban planning. Cycling has fallen short.

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National Capital Authority controls more than expected

Much of the recreational riding in Canberra are in areas controlled by the National Capital Authority.

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The National Capital Authority: bane or benefit?

Controversial development proposals on Lake Burley Griffin have again shone a light on the ACT Territory Government and the National Capital Authority (NCA) relationship. ABC News has done a great job explaining this relationship. At we ask how this will change cycling.

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National Capital Authority: protector of the sacrosanct

If there is one thing to be learned from urban planning in Canberra, then it is to plan your bike paths early, otherwise, they are likely to be forgotten. As a cyclist, we should be interested in the redevelopment of the Weston Basin on Lake Burley Griffin by the National Capital Authority.

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