Heysen Street to Woden Town Centre

The Heysen Street Link bike path will be extended to Woden Town Centre. After years of delays, many projects shrink, but Heysen Street Link has grown to something more. A happy end.

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Heysen Street Link: another bit coming

The ACT Government has made another Fast Track announcement (8 July 2020). The event was grand and the language very positive. Only ONE new strategic project was announced: Heysen Street. Fast Track is slow to fix the missing links.

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Canberra Nature Park: Australian Hiker

Australian Hiker is a website for bushwalking but there are interesting reviews of Canberra Nature Park. As routes are often along management trails they can be ridden as well. In the worst case of ‘walking only’ trails, the review may provide inspiration for further investigation what is possible along management trails.

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Heysen Street and the Woden Renewal

The bicycle path along Heysen Street is keenly awaited. The current project ends at Devonport Street. As you can see that still leaves a gap. As of July 2020, a further segment was promised. Heysen Street Links is part of the Woden Renewal.

Status update 25 July 2020: construction has not begun.

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Canberra Nature Park on OpenStreetMap

The Canberra Nature Park reserves seem to be endless and the view is obstructed by the forest and hills. The management trails and paths meander their way around the hills. This network of trails and paths has grown historically. There is a surprise around every corner.

The recreational use of nature reserves is balanced against preservation. The Canberra Nature Park Draft Reserve Management Plan 2019 includes all the details for each of the 37 nature reserves, but the document is too big to carry with you.

If you are unfamiliar with a reserve, the smartphone app Komoot with OpenStreetMap would be a good start to help you find your way. The information relating to cycling in the Management Plan has been captured in OpenStreetMap. The rideable nature reserves will be reviewed in this post.

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