CBR Cycle Routes on OpenStreetMap: lost and found

CBR Cycle Routes are the Principal Community Routes around Canberra. In OpenStreetMap, some routes have still not been marked. Here is the lost and found list, including maps.

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City ranking for cycling: US style.

Bicycle Transport Analysis is a US organisation that has a basket model for scoring cities for the suitability of cycling. Canberra does very well in this ranking, but the first impression is deceptive.

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Komoot just got better

Komoot is the best app for riding in Canberra, not least because of the great maps from OpenStreetMap. Komoot has released several long awaited features. One of the best features remains. Komoot is free, including an on-the-move smartphone route planning app and an excellent website. Give it a try.

Strava has now priced itself into the stratosphere. Strava has, however, a great feature: the privacy zone. Komoot now has this, too – just better.

Facebook, Strava and Komoot have something in common. They are a form of social media. Komoot previously had limited sharing options. These have now been extended.

Both these points are discussed in this post.

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CyclOSM: OpenStreetMap for bikes

Getting an overview is the start to planning a ride. CyclOSM turns the Canberra map on its head by showing a cyclist’s view of the city. The map data is from OpenStreetMap. These maps are available on the smartphone with another open-source product: OSMAnd.

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Cycling Computers: 99 Bikes

A full range of Cycling computers was on sale at 99 Bikes in July 2020. It provided an overview of the range and pricing. Prices range from $26 to $900. You get what you pay for. Navigation with maps starts around $400. Colour screens with maps are better than black and white screens.

While this article refers to the 99 Bikes sale, Pushys had a better deal on the Garmin Edge 530 GPS Bike Computer that was discounted to $399 on 20/7/2020 ($100 off RRP). It is always worth checking the larger retailers in Canberra as they are competitive.

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Denman Prospect Forest loop

Gravel ride through the forest to a hilltop for great views and down to the Molonglo River again. The route starts and ends at the Denman Prospect R10 bus stop. Find at the shops a café, supermarket, and toilets. Ride in a clockwise direction for minimum gradients. Mountain bike recommended. Length 8 km and 180 m rise. Steep descent. The ride is very enjoyable.

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Mugga Mugga and Isaacs Ridge map updates

There are OpenStreetMap updates for both Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve and Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, no new paths come out of it. One route is now closed down to Mugga Lane as a result of new fencing along Old Quarry Road. Big trucks come labouring up this hill all day long. More about the changes below.

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A play space near you: a guide

There are play spaces popping up all over Canberra. Here is an overview of where, and more information on one planned for Coombs, and two found in the Kippax and Calwell town centre master plans. A play ground near you can be found on an OpenStreetMap interactive map.

Overview - Playgrounds in the ACT. Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors
Overview – Playgrounds in the ACT. Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors
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