National Arboretum to World’s End

Riding along Pipe Flat through the Molonglo Valley is a great ride. It is relatively flat and very scenic. It has become more difficult to pass the building sites at Whitlam and Namarag. Care is required on Coppins Crossing Road. 

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Denman Prospect and Pipe Flat

A gravel ride starting at Denman Prospect shops and riding towards the Murrumbidgee River after crossing Butters Bridge. Return along the same route. The ride is a maximum 17km return, 150m rise and mostly flat. Magnificent views of the Molonglo River along the route. Ideal as a family ride.

This ride is currently not possible due to the Butters Bridge closure.

Namarag Molonglo Special Purpose Reserve construction works have closed the Butters Bridge at its north end. Bridge access is possible from the south end (Denman Prospect) just for the view. (Stand 6 February 2021)

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Barriers to cycling: not meant figuratively

As a cyclist, you will quickly notice the number of obstacles that are thrown in your path. The older areas of Canberra were not built for the cyclist. As a cyclist, we are accustomed to being careful, and we know that many motorists and pedestrians do not seem to notice us. A bike is either too fast or too quiet for many people. This is one of the reasons why we need to be seen – as we cannot be heard. We need to keep our eyes open crossing roads and travelling along community paths. The barriers are an extra burden and sometimes it gets a little too much. 🙂

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ACT Environment’s advice to cyclists

The ACT Environment is very accomodating. I think it’s worth noting their advice to cyclists. I will highlight interesting information from ACT Environment in the coming weeks. 

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Kama Reserve: much loved

This was the first post on the Kama Reserve. Previously writing this article, there were no signs at the entrance to the reserve prohibiting cycling. The Molonglo River Reserve: Reserve Management Plan 2019 (26 July 2019) states that it is permitted (read more here and below). There is no reason given for any change by ACT Environment. 

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Molonglo River Reserve: CyclingGravel

Riding around LBG is ok, but can get busy. Riding the Molonglo valley on this gravel trail leaves the crowds behind.

Molonglo River Reserve — Cycling Gravel

I have done this ride myself and can recommend it. If you do not want to do the whole ride, then try part of it. Enjoy the cycling!

Belconnen to Coombs via the Butters Bridge

This highlights the need for a north-south bike path between Belconnen and Coombs. Go bike routes are direct and riding to Coombs from Belconnen is anything but direct. This post shows one way such a path could be built. There is space for it and the road crossing points could be optimised but unfortunately, it is not planned. Furthermore, the Molonglo Valley active travel routes exclude the Butters Bridge for cycling. I think this is a mistake but there is currently little evidence that this is changing.

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