Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey

The impact of commuting on our health and wellbeing is often underestimated. Commuting times have increased dramatically in Canberra. Cycling and walking are part of active travel and an alternative to passive travel. The lone, sedentary commute in a motor vehicle is still the most common way to get to work for most Canberrans and typically the longest trips in our daily lives.

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Creating places for people

Cities are built for people, and if they are well thought through they are good places to live. This is the aim of urban design. Unlikely Walter Burley Griffin, most urban planners do not get a clean sheet. Urban planning is usually changing what we already have, and this means lots of stakeholders and compromises.

Creating Places for People: an urban design protocol for Australian cities was a presentation from long ago. This Australian urban planning initiative started way back in 2011. The presentation is discussed here. Quality urban design is described as productive, sustainable, and liveable. Words are vague things, so what do we mean by “liveable”?

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