Circumnavigating the Coombs Peninsula

There was much hype about the bike path around the edge of Coombs, along the Molonglo River. Construction of stage 1 and 2 were finished in 2020. For those who would like to ride along the river, the path has a long way to go.

Active Travel Infrastructure Interim Planning Guideline (PATACT)

For a strategy to be implemented, the vague ambition must be specified in detail. To plan and build a bike path, urban planning practitioners need a specification. An introduction to Planning for Active Travel in the ACT: Active Travel Infrastructure Interim Planning Guideline.

Titbits: Path width recommendations

The Australian Austroads cycle path standards includes recommendations on path widths. The recommended path widths are wider than the vast majority of community and shared paths in Canberra. The Austroads AGRD06A standard is more detailed than the ACT equivalent and complements the local standard.