ACT Auditor-General’s Report on community paths

The Act Auditor-General’s 2017 Report on community paths is damming and provides plenty of warning that the ACT Government needs to get on top of path maintenance. The most obvious thing is the lack of regular inspections.

Maintenance costs on concrete paths $302-683 million by 2030

Using ACT Government data from their portal and 2017 ACT Auditor General report, has estimated that the maintenance cost on the ACT Government concrete paths will lie between $302-683 million by 2030. The ACT Auditor General recommends making provisions for this.

2017 ACT Household Travel Survey: cycling destinations from home

The destinations we cycle to, not surprisingly, depends on where we live. The 2017 ACT Household Travel Survey breaks down the trips depending on the “region” of origin (district). The most likely destination is always the same district (locally).

2017 ACT Household Travel Survey: Belconnen district

A district focus of the 2017 travel survey for Canberra from the ACT Government. The top cycling facts for the ACT, Belconnen being the example. The survey tells us much about Canberra but the top facts are always worth keeping in mind.

Section 3.3 The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019

The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019 expects cost of road congestion in Canberra to increase to $504 million in 2031, up from $289 million in 2016.

Section 3.2 National Cycling Participation Survey (NCPS)

Different to other surveys, it tells us about cycling in Australia and Canberra over the last decade.

Mountain biking as a missed opportunity

Mountain biking is described in glowing terms. The ACT Greens submission to “The best of Canberra mountain bike experience” consultation last year is worth reading. It is well researched. Mountain biking is good value you for money and hampered by the inability of Government to exploit it.

Safe roads for kids

Navigating roads is a challenge for cyclists and pedestrians – both the very old and young are particularly vulnerable. The ways to make roads safer for children is the topic of the article There are ways to reduce injuries in kids that don’t involve wrapping them in cotton wool.