Pedestrians: not even an afterthought

In a society that gives priority to keeping the traffic moving at speed (time is money), little consideration is often given to the vulnerability of pedestrians and cyclists. Road safety is still mostly about the safety of vehicle occupants. Yet it is the vulnerable road users – and not the vehicle occupants – that mostly get hurt in a collision.

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Pyrrhic victories in road safety

It is well-known that motor vehicles tend to squeeze vulnerable road users out of their space. With three tonnes of speeding motor vehicle approaching and the driver oblivious to your presence, this should not be a surprise. The most vulnerable of all are children.

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National Cycling Participation Survey

The National Cycling Participation Survey is unusual for Australia. It is a standardised survey that has been repeated every two years since 2011. Repeating the survey regularly is the only way to find and analyse trends. The survey provides data on cycling participation across Australia and estimates of participation in the ACT, too.

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Road rules for cyclists

Not the most exciting topic perhaps but it is easier to shout at motorists when you know you are in the right. 🙂 A marked shoulder is easily mistaken for the bike lane which creates confusion. More about Australian Road Rule 153.

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