Riding in Canberra is manageable but not on the road

This example is for Belconnen but the conclusions are likely to be pretty similar in most town centres.  This small case study concludes riding in Canberra is manageable. The direct routes on the map demonstrate this: not too far and pretty flat. However, all direct routes are on the road. The roads in Canberra are dangerousContinue reading “Riding in Canberra is manageable but not on the road”

Video: Coombs to Civic CBR Cycle Routes

The post Benefits of the C10 Coombs to Civic Cycle Highway is a case study of a number of alternate routes for commuting between Coombs and Civic. This post adds to this with visualisations of the routes as “fly-by” videos.

C10 Coombs to Civic Cycle Highway

The assessment of the benefits of the C10 Coombs to Civic Cycle Highway (CBR Cycle Route C10) is a multifaceted question. It can first be discussed in a narrow sense, whether commuting between Coombs to Civic is faster, and also in a broader sense regarding the benefits to the Molonglo Valley network. But the shortContinue reading “C10 Coombs to Civic Cycle Highway”

Good and direct bike paths save time

The active travel infrastructure (facilities) are lagging in Coombs. Despite the Concept Plan being finalised in 2012 and the suburb established for several years, the active travel infrastructure is still not complete or sufficient. As the crow flies, Coombs and Belconnen are about the same distance from Civic centre, however, while commuting from Civic toContinue reading “Good and direct bike paths save time”